Energy Commission Adopts Solar Mandate for 2020

In November of 2016 the CEC announced to the public that Zero Net Energy was not cost effective, however studies have shown that solar was cost-effective in each of California’s climate zones.

In November of 2018 It would seem that great strides have been made to ease this transition.


Optimize the Solar Mandate to be more accessible

The solar mandate now scales per climate zone to be cost effective.

State law requires all CEC buildings to be cost effective for at least 30 years.

This cost effective approach has greatly reduced costs.


Solar Lease Options

With the cost of entry for solar being near 5 figures a lot of potential investors think twice.

Solar Lease options now impact compliance and can help reduce compliance cost by roughly $1,000/house


High Performance Walls

Climate Zones 11-14 U-value standards have been updated from 0.043 to 0.048

On average compliance cost savings of $400


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