Hiqh Integrity HERS Inspections

Regardless of what type of inspections you may require for your new construction projects, CLE offers a wide variety of

inspection and compliance documentation services for residential home builders, commercial projects, additions,

and structural alterations. We have licensed and certified inspections in the many disciplines including:

 Services Summary

  • HERS II Inspections for New Construction
  • HERS I Alteration Certifications
  • CALGreen Special Inspections
  • Build-It-Green, Green Point Rater Inspections
  • Energy Star Certified Inspections and Certification
  • California Advanced Home Program and Rebate Processing
  • NSHP (New Solar Home Partnership) Rebate Inspections

Mandatory HERS Tests

The Energy code requires the following mandatory HERS verifications for all Single family and Multifamily low-rise projects, which we can perform for you:

  • Duct Leakage Verifications
  • Verified Fan Wattage
  • Adequate Airflow Verification
  • Whole House Ventilation (Indoor Air Quality)

Performance Modeled HERS Testing

We can also perform any of the following performance modeled HERS verifications that may have been added to your Title 24 in order to comply. If these verifications appear on your T24, they must be performed before occupational permits will be issued. Here are some of the most popular HERS verifications:

  • Blower Door / Infiltration Testing / Building Envelope
  • High Quality Insulation Inspections / QII / HQI
  • Ducts in conditioned space
  • Verified Duct Surface Area
  • Refrigerant Charge Verification
  • EER & SEER Verifications
  • Surface Area Verification
  • Low Leakage Air Handler

Our state certified raters are well qualified and will provide you with the necessary CF-2R and CF-3R documents to complete your construction projects with city officials. We work closely with all local and state offices, and are capable of providing you with documentation for both the CHEERS and CalCERTS state registries.


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