Title 24 Lighting

Commercial Title 24 Lighting Calculations

Mandatory T24 Lighting Calculation Services

All new and alteration commercial projects will require Title 24 compliance reports for lighting to ensure your project is designed to meet the newest Title 24 lighting codes. These are usually done in conjunction with Title 24 HVAC and Envelope if the project is to be constructed to completion and occupied immediately with no further development. Commercial shell only projects may defer this until the tenant develops the project, but the final development efforts must provide T24 lighting compliance as well.

The purpose of these calculations is to ensure that the project designs meets the newest codes for non-residential building design, as listed in the non-residential codes and standards. We make a digital model of your project and can help you specify lighting in day use areas, common areas, food services areas, retail ares, etc, to ensure you do not exceed the watt capacity per sq footage for that rated space for the purposes of lighting.

We offer certified Title 24 commercial lighting calculations that are computed for the highest possible compliance levels for your projects.



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