The value of our work is to the benefit of our clients. It is reflected in the kind words of praise thy give in appreciation of our services.

SCM Homes

 "With California Living & Energy's Total Homes System, SCM Homes of California - Sherman Ranch Community in Newman 260 New Homes, designed with the comfortable living environment concept, has not had a single complaint from these new satisfied home owners!"

-Ted Ridenour

True Life Communities,

 “CL&E is one of the best consultants I work with. Consistently their T-24 calculations and HVAC designs go through plan-check without a single correction. Their attention to detail, clear communication style, and vast expertise leads to more accurate bidding, more comfortable homes, higher builder rebates and more time in my day. I highly recommend their services.”

-Adam Winn
Certified Green Building Professional
True Life Communities


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